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Personalized Waxed Canvas Two-Toned Utility Apron

SKU: CBS-6891
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Personalized Waxed Canvas Two-Toned Utility Apron

  • 32" H x 26" W
  • 18 oz Waxed Canvas
  • Cotton webbed handle waist tie
  • Adjustable neck strap
  • Two front pockets in contrasting trim color
  • Webbed handles adjust tie

    A Waxed Canvas Apron Perfect for all of your toughest, dirtiest jobs! With the help of this apron, you worrying about keeping your clothes protected will be a thing of the past while doing messy jobs like woodworking, grilling, gardening, or more.

    Constructed in our sturdy 18 oz Waxed Canvas, the Two-Toned Utility Apron features one solid body color, a contrasting pocket color detail, and dark cotton web tie accessory.

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