When will my order arrive?

Orders generally arrive within a week, but can take up to a week and a half. More detailed information about processing times can be found here.

Can you do custom orders?

Yes! We can do a custom order with a logo if you plan to order at least 24 items. We’re working on a page with more information on that. In the meantime, feel free to email us at info@giftshappenhere.com and we can answer your specific questions.

I’m having a party/event. Do you offer discounts on orders with multiple products?

We would love to offer you a discount for your event. We don’t currently have a set discount, but would love to help! Just send the details (how many of which product) to us at info@giftshappenhere.com and we’ll get you the discount and information.

Where is the jewelry I ordered?

If you ordered jewelry with another larger item, it will usually be wrapped in a bag or in packing material and can get missed. They tend to slide around and get stuck under the cardboard flaps.

Have more questions?

Email us at info@giftshappenhere.com. We're real humans and will happily answer any questions you have.